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The Indian Cafe & Bar

Serving authentic North Indian and Mughlai cuisine in an ambience of the Great Indian Bazaar.



About Us

Khaaja Chowk, a national restaurant chain is a celebration of India and its street cuisine where influences of different communities and cultures over the centuries have left their indelible mark.
After over a decade of consistently offering intoxicating flavours of Indian food, we have recently revamped the brand to present Khaaja Chowk version2.0. Younger, fresher but still unapologetically Indian, Khaaja Chowk has reinvented itself to have an informal feel of a Café and Bar set in an ambience which reflects the quirky humour of the Indian Street. The Menu, now pan-Indian, offers more variety that reflects the stunning diversity of Indian cuisine with signature dishes and cocktails, unique to us. Our specials include Dum cooking - Meat, vegetables, spices cooked in sealed claypots over the gentlest of fires that ensure delicious, soft succulence. The Flaming Claypot, a first-in the country, is dum cooking in a clay vessel in the shape of a surahi with a dash of our secret mix. Served dramatically – the pot is in flames as it arrives by the tableside when the neck of the surahi is cracked open and contents poured into a clay thaali. Our signature beverage is the Crazy Ice Cocktail, a deadly king size ice cube with a frozen surprise that make your drink blossom and get you set for a heady start.
In all, Khaaja Chowk presents an unmatched combination of serious Indian food in a cool ambience that promises fun!



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